The Screen Freedom Challenge Is Launching Soon...
Without Meltdowns, Techno-Tantrums, and Fortnite Freakouts?
Get on the waiting list for the next Screen Freedom Challenge!
Screen Freedom Movement
Dr. Colleen Carroll is a Global Expert in ending Childhood Screen Addiction and is a leader in solving the problem of youth screen dependence. She works with parents of children, 'tweens and teens to end screen-obsessive behaviors and get back their lives.

Her programs have helped hundreds of families and the number keeps growing.
She speaks at conferences and workshops for educators and parents, and is routinely interviewed on national radio shows, international parenting summits and podcasts.

Dr. Carroll has spent 20 years in the field of education and has completed doctoral research in the use of technology in education.
Her new book, Hooked on Screens: How to Get your 5-14 Year Old Child to Put Down the Phones, Video Games and Electronic Devices and Pick Up a Book is a national bestseller in three categories.
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